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5 Top tips for GoPro users

I’ve have owned GoPro helmet cameras for the past two years and have used  the HD 1, 2 and 3 (Black versions) to make these videos.

  The GoPro quickly gained popularity due to its small size, versatility and impressive marketing strategies, using footage gathered from top athletes. Put simply, the GoPro allowed people to get video footage of things that were almost impossible to film before and at a reasonable price. Over time I have got used to working with the GoPro and have found a few tips to get the best out of them on the river:


– If you don’t want to lose it, then put a leash on it.

– Anti fog inserts are a great way to stop moisture build up inside the case ruining your footage. For the HD1 and HD2 cameras, placing a small piece of tissue in the back of the case works just as well.

– Water drops ruining your videos? Applying RainX to the lens helps the droplets run off faster, leaving you with more usable footage. A thin coating of washing up liquid works just as well. On expedition? Toothpaste on the lens works reasonably well as a last resort.

– In its highest quality shooting modes, the newer GoPros will drain their batteries much faster than the older versions. For long trips, it’s worth carrying spares with you. Otherwise, be selective about when you use it – switching it on with “one touch mode” only when the action is going to take place.

– People are starting to switch off to POV helmet cam shots. Where else could you put it? Get creative!


Have any tips of your own? We’d love to hear them!

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