Who are we?

Ian Bailey Kayak Coach

For the past five years I have worked in the outdoor industry all over the world. I have experienced sandstorms in the desert, endured -40 in the Arctic and enjoyed countless number of days on the river in 8 different countries. My first love will always be water – rafting, kayaking and canyoning. I have been known to dabble in climbing, however and once spent four months of my life living out of my car just to be able to get out on the rock every day.

I climb and kayak at a modest level. It is not my intention to show off my ability, but instead to showcase what can be done, by anyone. I hope that the information on the site will help people to get out there and create their own adventures, at home and abroad. Iboutdoor is my way of giving back.

My aim is to create a resource that will support both professionals working in the industry as well as those that  enjoy the outdoors for their recreation. I aim to provide answers to the problems that I have faced on my journey, alongside bits of advice that have made my life a little bit easier.

Get involved with iboutdoor

I try to write articles that will help as many people as possible to get more from the outdoors. If there’s anything in particular that you would like to read an article about then, please get in touch. Also, everything on the site is up for discussion. Have a different way of doing things? I’d love to hear about it!






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