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Ski Season Book Review

iboutdoor takes a look at “Belle De Neige,” a hilariously raw account of life in a ski resort…

A few weeks ago I stumbled across the blog of the anonymous “Belle De Neige” on my travels across the web. Whilst working hectic seasons as a ski chalet host, she has somehow found time to share her funniest anecdotes with the world, as well as snippets of hard-learnt advice picked up along the way. Belle is a true “Seasonnaire” – returning to ski resorts year after year, working hard for a pittance, in order to live the dream. 


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I was instantly hooked and read through the rest of her blog entries in a day. Now, I should probably point out at this stage that Belle’s choice of language is well, “choice.” Here’s a girl who’s not afraid to call a spade a $%*&. However, if you laughed at “The Inbetweeners” rather than changing channel, I doubt you will be offended.  If anything, the extent of her vocabulary is pretty impressive. If she ever considers a career change, I’m sure Viz Magazine will be interested in hearing from her…


“Watching a ski resort get rained on is like watching a child’s sandcastle get pissed on by a drunk old man.”


Having worked seasons abroad and had to deal with similar clients-from-hell at one one time or another, her stories brought memories of my own flooding back. As soon as I realised that she had written a book on her adventures, it was in my Amazon cart.


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“Belle De Neige” follows the blogger on her adventures, breaking away from the 9-5 rat race of working in London and into the madness of a ski season in the French Alps. She describes the mayhem caused by throwing together a resort full of young, horny season-workers, adding alcohol and watching the carnage that unfolds. Peeling back the veneer of “luxury ski breaks,” Belle guides you through the sordid world of partying, powder skiing and working whilst painfully hungover, that will have you laughing out loud from beginning to end. From skiing on Ketamine to cleaning chalet toilets, Belle manages to find comedy in every hopeless situation. 


“Bad decisions make the best stories…”


Beneath the surface though, there is a serious side to this narrative. An “us and them” look at the counter-culture of the Seasonnaire. The depressing reality of returning home from a season, to find that little or nothing has changed and that so many are happy to just tread water. Saddest of all, Belle describes the pain of coming to terms with losing a friend. But fear not, “Belle De Neige” is on the whole an upbeat, hilarious exposé of working life in a ski resort. 

If you’ve ever worked a winter season, or in the wider outdoor industry, you’ll love Belle De Neige. If not, this book will give you a laugh-a-minute insight in to her world.

Get a copy of Belle De Neige’s ski season adventures book here on Amazon.

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