Mounting a river knife on a buoyancy aid

Externally mounted river knives are a little frowned upon in the UK, mostly because they look quite aggressive and our rivers are usually fairly close to urban areas. In the past, I have carried a folding knife in the pocket of my BA and to be honest, I’ve never had to use it. However, I’m not convinced that I could easily get to it (with one hand) if I ever did need to use it in the water. Hence why I purchased an NRS Pilot Knife.

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Losing your drain bung…

Most manufacturers have designed methods of keeping drain bungs attached to your kayak at all times, but they still part company on occasion. This can be a real pain when out on the river…

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Throwback thursday!

As I prepare to leave the Middle East, thoughts return to paddling in the UK and catching up with my kayaking friends from back home. I found this video in the depths of my hard drive, showing a session in the Inlet Gate at Holme Pierrepont from 2012.

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