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Christmas gift ideas for paddlers

iboutdoor takes a look at what’s hot in the paddling world this Christmas…

It’s hard enough knowing what to buy for normal people at Christmas, so what on earth do you get for the paddler who has everything?  Sadly, we can’t put a price on clean lines, good levels and access for all… But this list should hopefully give you some good ideas of what to get for the boater in your life.

Or, if you’re a paddler… feel free to leave this page open on a shared computer!

Stocking Fillers

Who wouldn’t want to find paddling gifts amongst a stocking full of presents? Here’s some ideas:

stocking fillers

  • Fox 40 Whistle – an impressively loud way of attracting attention on the river, that keeps working when wet. What’s not to like?
  • Smiley Nose Clip – an inexpensive gift that will make learning to roll infinitely more comfortable.
  • Dry Bags – it’s a fact of life: as a paddler, you cannot own enough dry bags… 5 litres if the perfect size to be thrown in the back of boat to keep everything together on a day trip.
  • Dry Cases – a reliable way to keep a smart phone or camera dry on the river.
  • Sex Wax – this slightly odd-named product can be rubbed on to a paddle shaft, to keep a better grip in cold water. Sure to get a laugh!


Look After Your Loved Ones

These safety products would be top of my wishlist…


  • Palm Safety Tape / Snake Slingfrom towing to creating anchors and unpinning boats, is there anything this piece of gear can’t do?


Give The Gift Of Comfort

Great gear means that winter temperatures are no longer a barrier to paddling all year round. Why not give a gift that they’ll want to get out and use straight away?

tsang po

  • Nookie Changing Mat – no more hopping about the car park trying to protect those drysuit feet.


What about for those who have been *really* good?

Well Santa, I’d like one of the new Pyranha 9R’s please, to sprint around the river in the new year.


But I’d settle for a Multisport 4 Drysuit. With  3 years warranty, surely that’s the gift that keeps on giving?

Have a great Christmas folks 🙂

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