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Gear I’m loving… Berghaus Arete 45

It’s nice to have shiny new gear, but even better to own gear that has character. This week iboutdoor takes a look at the Berghaus Arete 45, a simple climbing pack that could tell you some stories…

The Berghaus Arete is a 45 litre, no-nonsense climbing pack. I bought mine back in 2009, for £25 second hand off a climbing forum. You could say that I’ve had my money’s worth. 

It’s been my grab bag at work for the past few years, my hand luggage whilst travelling and I’ve dragged it up hundreds of climbing routes. The chest buckle snapped at -30  in Finland, a squirrel ate through the lid pocket whilst climbing at the Roaches and this week, I had the lid zip replaced by a local factory in Oman.

But why won’t I replace it?

Because it doesn’t need it. Although lightweight, the ripstop fabric is pretty bomber. I’ve had to re-stitch it in a few places, but I still believe it will out last most of today’s lightweight offerings. 

The design is a perfect example of keeping it simple. The main compartment has ample room for a day’s climbing gear and more, with an attachment clip under the lid to keep your ropes in place. There’s a zip pocket in the lid, for all the faffy necessities of a climbing trip – mobile, car keys, guidebook and snack bars. The outside of the pack has storage for ice tools, trekking poles and hardware, whilst still maintaining its streamlined appearance. It does exactly what it needs to, with no useless extra “features.”

Berghaus really managed to hit the nail on the head with this classic piece of kit.


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