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Gear I’m Loving… HF throwlines

I’ve used many different throwlines over the past few years, from all of the main manufacturers. However, I believe that HF are the best on the market and here’s why…

First of all, I find the HF bags easy to throw accurately over long distances. As I mentioned in my article Buying a Throwline  it doesn’t matter how great a line is on paper, if you can’t throw it well. The Weasel is especially easy to throw accurately overarm, almost like a tennis ball, due to its light weight.

Secondly, HF bags have a wide opening at the neck, which makes them really easy to repack fast, even with cold hands.

Their features are well thought out. The Compact Alpine has a large handle at the neck of the bag to help make throwing it easier. Whilst throwing underarm it feels like the handle gives the bag an extra boost as it swings forward, helping it go the distance with less effort. Also, all of the bags in the range have a plastic D ring at the top of the bag, to clip them in to a kayak or raft, rather than using the rope loop at the bottom. This means that the rope is less likely to spill out and get tangled around the paddler if the bag opens accidentally.

Out of the range, the HF Weasel is my favourite. Its small size makes it an ideal bag for playboating, where space is at a premium. I also like to wear it on my Palm Zambezi Belt, when I’m raft guiding. Again, it’s small size means that I can lean right over on my side to make correction strokes without the bag getting in the way, which is often a problem with bigger bags.

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