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palm safety tape

Gear I’m Loving – Palm Safety Tape

It’s not always the shiniest, most expensive gear that catches my attention. I like simple, multi-purpose kit that works – and that is exactly what the Palm Safety Tape is. Essentially 5m of tubular climbing tape, with a sewn loop at one end, it has a multitude of uses.

I’ve can be used….

As an anchor:


In a “Pig Rig” 4:1 system:


To re-flip a raft:


 As a short throw line:

…as well as many other uses.

It can be used as a sling for towing kayaks, to tie your boat on to a roof rack when things get creative, or as a klemheist knot in a mechanical advantage system. It’s an essential part of my pin kitPerhaps my strangest use for it was creating an improvised body harness to haul an injured dog out of a canyon in New Zealand… The list goes on.

One piece of gear, many uses and that’s why I love it. Get yours here.

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