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Gear I’m Loving…. WRSI Helmets

Today seems like the perfect time to launch the “Gear I’m Loving” series here on iboutdoor. I’m going to take a look at some of my favourite bits of gear that I’ve used over the years and talk about how they’ve won a place in my kitbag. Starting with this week: WRSI Helmets

My WRSI lid has travelled the world with me over the past five years. I love the comfort and fit of the helmet and the protection it offers. Every scratch, sticker and doodle on it tells a story, from rafting in Iceland through to kayaking in Nepal…

I love the ethos of the company. Set up after the death of a young kayaker in the States, the company sought to create the best white water helmet possible. His name is now moulded in to the front all their helmets as a reminder.   I’ve taken this helmet everywhere with me – kayaking, rafting, canyoning and always been comfortable in it. After adjusting the foam pads inside and setting up the retention piece at the back (many moons ago) it’s been perfect.  I’ve added a GoPro mount to the top and a cable tie to attach a leash to, just in case the camera gets knocked off.

Over the years I’ve patched up the padding with Aquasure and put new Velcro patches inside and it continues to keep on going, despite it’s used appearance. We’ve taken some hard knocks together, but it’s always looked after me.   I now have a WRSI Trident in the post, that I can’t wait to get my hands on…

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