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It’s a simple fact of life – no matter how many rave reviews your gear gets, or how much you paid for it, nothing is indestructible. Everything will eventually fail, given the right amount of abuse.

With that in mind, I like to carry a small emergency repair kit for my gear when on paddling trips overseas. Here’s my usual kit:




Duct Tape:

If it can’t be fixed with duct tape, it probably can’t be fixed…


Ideal for fixing broken backrests, straps on bouyancy aids and modifying gear.


Also known as “aquasure” or “aquaseal” this adhesive can make just about anything waterproof again. Great for fixing leaky dry bags and holes in dry tops or spray decks. It can also be used to glue new seals into a drysuit, if needed.

Waxed Thread and Needle:

Useful for repairing rips and tears, or reattaching straps that come undone. Repairs can be made waterproof afterwards, when stormsure is painted over the top. Dental floss also works well, for a rot-proof, strong repair.

Cable Ties:

Another “do anything tool” – from fixing kayak outfitting to attaching gear to buoyancy aids.


Good for fixing broken canoe outfitting, kayak backrests or making new shoe laces.

The repairs may not be pretty, but are usually enough to be able to finish the trip.

backrest repair

Getting my backrest repaired by a local in Nepal

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