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How not to lose your GoPro

GoPro cameras have changed the way kayaking films are made. With cameras mounted on helmets, kayaks and even paddles the viewer can now get closer to the action than ever before. Most kayakers are using the adhesive mounts to attach the GoPro to their kit and although they’re pretty tough, they’re not 100% reliable if they take a big hit.

I knocked 3 sticky pads off my gear last  season in Iceland – one from a flipped raft hitting the camera and twice  when boofing drops with it mounted on the bow of my kayak. Like this:


 Got to love that boof face…

Without a leash, you will lose your Go Pro. Luckily, they’re easy to fit – even a shoe lace or cable tie is enough to keep it attached to you. I’m using a camera lanyard  larks-footed through the hinge of the camera case and then tied to my helmet, or the grab handle on my Burn.


An easy way to save shelling out for a new camera.

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