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Making a kayak rear gopro mount

Some of the best kayaking videos use footage taken from many different angles, breaking away from the first person view that we have become used to over the past few years. I have tried using my GoPro on different mounts attached to my boat, (here) but was never really happy with the result. After seeing footage taken from a pole mount on the stern of the boat, I decided to have a go at making my own. 

 how-to guide on Unsponsored, formed the basis of the design, with a few minor changes that I added myself. All of my kayaks are made by Pyranha, who up until recently have used webbing grab handles on their boats, which makes attaching a mount difficult. To get around this, the design uses a threaded hook, which applies upwards tension on the grab handle, similar to the Jackson Levator Mount.

I looked around for different items to form the bottom of the mount, but eventually settled on using a measuring jug, just as in the original article. A piece of threaded M8 rod was bent in to shape to form the hook, which I wrapped in duct tape to save damaging the fabric grab loops. As the wing nut on top of the jug is screwed tighter, the hook pulls upwards on the grab handle, securing the measuring jug to the boat.

The jug is attached to a two foot length of 32mm PVC pipe, with a GoPro adhesive mount on top. The GoPro leash attaches to a length of cord that runs down the pipe and clips to the grab handle with a karabiner. Hopefully, if the mount is damaged, the camera should still remain safely with the boat.  

Using a stern camera mount creates possible issues with rolling in shallow water.  It’s bad news if the pole gets caught in a rock, which is why I used a design which was more likely to break with an impact. Other mounts have used metal bicycle seat stems and the like, but I would rather the mount break off than trap the boat and possibly endanger me.

Really looking forward to getting this out on the water now…


  1. Anonymous
    July 18, 2016 - Reply

    This is so good!!!! thanks for the write up 🙂

  2. Anonymous
    October 20, 2016 - Reply

    I made one but my issue is that it twist really easily. Just doesn’t work well for above class 3 or anything with a lot of rocks.

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