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Review: Watershed Ocoee Bag

A quick look at one of my favourite bits of kit…

Before heading out to Nepal, I was racking my brains to find a way of taking my shiny new Nikon DSLR camera on the water with me. I have a waterproof camera and a GoPro helmet cam as well, but nothing matches the quality of a shot from a good DSLR.

As much as I trust Pelicases, finding one that was big enough for my camera would have been hard to fit in my kayak and also heavy to fly with. I settled on buying an Ocoee bag, with a few reservations about how waterproof it would be. Experience has shown that I had no need to be concerned…

seti swim

My camera was perfectly dry, even if I wasn’t…

The Ocoee is a 15 litre waterproof dry bag, ideally sized for a DSLR camera and a number of lenses. It’s made of tough PU-coated Nylon and has welded seams – no stitching here.



The real beauty of the design is in the Zipdry closure at the top of the bag. A faff-free, reliable way of getting a waterproof seal to protect your valuables. I’ve taken my Ocoee bag swimming with me whilst canyoning as well as using it on countless river trips and it has never failed to keep my gear dry.


zipdry closure


 Once closed, the top can be rolled down and clipped in to place like any normal style dry-bag.



The Ocoee bag can then be stowed easily inside your boat or on a raft, clipped in by one of the 6 attachment points.



I also bought the Ocoee padded liner for my bag, to give my camera more protection on the water. The foam padding works well, guarding it against bumps and knocks. It also makes the camera fit more snugly inside the bag, stopping it from moving around so much.

Although the Ocoee has made a name for itself as a camera bag, they’re also a handy way to store things that you may need during the day whilst on overnight trips. I have used mine to keep my group kit together as well in the past and was surprised just how much I could fit in it:


The Watershed Ocoee Bag is one of my all time favourite bits of kit. It’s kept my camera dry on the river and free of sand when using it in the desert.

go pro and watershed

If you value your camera, this dry bag is definitely worth the investment.

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