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triggers broom

Trigger’s Broom

A tale of one paddle…

Seven years ago, I bought my first kayak. I remember it well, as I managed to skive off university lectures for the day to drive to Brookbank canoe shop, charging the petrol to the student union… Ahem. But before returning to the student halls with my “new” (battered, second-hand) boat, I shopped for my first paddle – a Streamlyte Freeway. 

With gold, woven fibreglass blades, it was a thing of beauty and my weapon of choice for bashing down the ditches of North Wales.

streamlyte blades

But over time, I wanted a change. I wanted cranks and so I bought an AT Eddy, returning my Freeway paddle to the factory at Streamlyte to have it made in to a 4-part split. When it was being modified I asked for it to be made to the same spec as my normal paddle – so that changing from main to split would feel as natural as possible.

And so, with a longer shaft added and blade feather changed, I had my new 4 part split:


It has served me well over the past few years, until an out-of-boat experience in New Zealand finally cracked the right-hand blade. Again, I made the journey to Streamlyte Paddles in Warwickshire to have it repaired. 2 days and £80 later (impressive!) I’m left with a complete, fully serviceable paddle:


 I’ve had the same paddle now for over 7 years. The “same” being a very loose term, as only the left blade is original. I have to ask myself, is it more a case of “Trigger’s Broom?”


For the uninitiated…

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